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Measuring: ruler, protractor, carpenter's square. Drawing mark and lines: punch, pencil and a permanent marker. Cutting: scissors, utility knife, jigsaw, punch and hot wire cuttrt. Drilling: tap and hand habdle and a drill. Filing and sanfing: file and sandpaper, belt sander and an orbital sander. Joining; temporaly: bolts, nuts and washers. Permanent: heat sealer and hot air welder.

Naturals: come from animal, plant or mineral sources. Animals. Wool: produced by sheep. It may be naturally white, yellowish, grey-brown or blakc. Is very elastic and resistant to acids. Silk: is made by the larvae insects called silk moths. These larvae produce a liquid that driesin contact with the air, forming thin threads. Silk is very strong and elastic and a good thermal and electrical insulator. 
Plant sources: Cotton: comes from the fruit of the cotton plat. White. Light, elastic, permeable and resistant to acids and a good thermal insulator. Linen: comes from the flax plant. White or beige. Elastic and flexible, as well as a good thermal conductor. Resistant to chlorine and bleach. Esparto: comes from the leaves of esparto glass plant. Strong and resistant. Bamboo: comes from bamboo plants. Porous, permeable and biodegradable. Antibacterial properties.
Synthetic fibres: Bylon, polyester, lycra. They are long-lasting, resistant and impermeable. Today, a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres is often used in the production of textiles

Industrial plastics: 
Polyethylene  terephthalate: impermeable, thansparent and light. Packaging for food, drinks, cometics and cleaning products. High-density polyethylene: rigid, resisntant Buckets, bottles, toys. Polyvinyl chloride: impermeable, wide range of hardness. Windows, pipes, garder hoses, upholstery, raincoats, gloves. Low-density polyethylene: Soft and light. Transparent. Transparents film, bags, cups and plates. Polypropylene: flexible, chemical resistant, superficial hardness: bottles, carpet fibres, bags, bottle caps, bags. Polystyrene: Moulded: transparent, can be coloured.CD cases, cartoons for eggs and dairy products. Expanded: spongy and soft. Packaging, wrapping, thermal and acoustic insulators. Methacrylate: transparent, impact resistant. Car headlights and safety glasses. Teflon: non-stick, smooth and slippery and heat resistant. Outer covering of airplanes, aerospace applications and the outer covering of electrical cables. Cellophane. Transparent, flexible. Packaging for food and other products. Nylon: highly resistant, flexible. Polyurethane: 1spongy, flexible. Sponges and foam for beds or seats. 2. Soft, compact. Transmission belts, friction wheels, thermal and acoustic insulators. 3. Elastic, adhesive. Glue and varnish. Bakelite: electrical insulator, impact resistant and heat resistant. Electrical pugs ans switches, gears, outer casings for phones. Melamine: light, resistant and quite hard. Odourless and tasteless, thermal insulator. Kitchen countertops, dishes, food containers. Polyester resins: heat resistant, strong and rigid. Protective helmets, roofting materials, body parts of caers and boats.

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