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River process: Deposition

Along a river’s long profile there will be places and conditions that cause it to slow down, for example following a spell of dry weather, when it spreads out over a wide valley or when it flows into a lake or the sea. As it slow it loses energy and can no longer carry its load. Deposition first take place with the largest stones dropped. 

River processes 

  • Erosion

  • Transportation

  • Deposition

Erosional processes 

  • Abrasion: The process of a river’s load crashing and rubbing into river’s bank and bed causing pieces to break off

  • Corrosion: The process of water dissolving a river’s load as well as its bed and banks. 

  • Hydraulic action: Water and air getting into cracks in a river banks and bed causing erosion through increased pressure.

  • Attrition: Load crashing into each other in a river. This normally happen with suspended load. 

Transportation processes

  • Traction: Bigger rocks are rolled by the water along the river bed.

  • Saltation: smaller rocks are bounced along the river bed.

  • Suspension: Light soil and sand are carried in water.

  • Solution: Minerals dissolved in the water are transported in solution

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