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(5) In this day and age, the issue of allow graffities or not is very controversial. Many people said that graffities are a different type of art. Moreover in my opinion, graffities shouldn’t be allowed, like this streets would be in a better state. // First and foremost, houses are the main area in which graffities have a negative impact. Nowadays Lots of houses have been painted by this type of paints and without permission of course. As a result, police have to intervene and then they have arrested that people. // Secondly, it is thought that people who don’t appreciate graffities don’t have any idea of art and I completely desagree with that. In addition, a reason for the climate change, air pollution and those issues are toxic substance that releases the spray cans. /// To sum up, I genuinely think that the best way to avoid problems in our city is prohibit graffities, due to is an incredible idea to help world and ourselves. 

(2-6)First of all, improving public transport could be one great approach so as to save energy and to ensure the well being of the environment. If the public transport was better, residents would use less their cars, which pollute the air. Therefore, their quality of life would improve. // Secondly, it seems to me that as a result of spending more on public transport other problems that city may have could disappear. For example, as there would be less cars in the road, there would be less traffic jams and the problems that many people had to commute could be solve. 

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