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 layer. The deposit or sedimentation of layers happens periodically, to recosntruct the history or the earth, a geologist has to put these in order. the principles of superposition each layer is younger than the one below it and older than de one above it, this does not apply when rock have been deformed and their original position has been altered. Principle cross-cutting relationship an event, such as a fault or a fold, is younger than the rocks it affected and older than the rocks it did not affect.

*abu rayhan biruni propose that the earth had an age, but this origin was too distant to measuse. The principle of superposition of strata was first proposed by Avicenna. Nicolas steno preciate de connection between fossil remains and strata , this led him to formulate the law of superposition and the principle of origianl horizontally. Comte du Buffon he created a small globe that ressembled earth in composition and then measure its rate of cooling.

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