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Nowadays,many Teenagers have got video consoles at home and they often like playing active Video games.These are good for you for a number of reasons.

First of All,I think that active video grames are a good way to keep fit.There are lots Of different types of exercise you can do such as basketball,water-skiing and Dance and what´smore, you can play them In the comfort of your own hombe.In my opinion,these games are fun and Interactive because you can play them with friends and if you play online,you Don´t need to be in the same place as your friend to play.

In addition,you Can play them whenever you want.Some people think that it´s better to do Exercise outside in the fresh air.Although this is true,it´s actually difficult To play outside when it.S raining or very hot so video games are a good Alternative.

To sum up,I Believe that video games are a fun and social way to keep fit. I think they are A good opinion when you can´t play outside and they might encourage people to Do more exercise.

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