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ROSWEL CASE NOT CLOSED 1. Where were the Wilmots on the night of July 2nd, 1947? On their porch. 2 Were they with friends? They were not with friends. 3 What did they see? A round object that looked like a flying saucer, with a light shining from within. 4 What was it? a UFO. 5 Did they take a picture of it? They did not take photo. 6 What did Mr. Brazel find in the fields? He found pieces of strange metal scattered over a wide area. 7 Did he tell anyone? To the sheriff. 8 Who did the sheriff call? The sheriff called Roswell Army Air Field and an officer. 9 What did the local newspaper state? That the crash was a flying saucer a UFO from another world. 10 Did they find bodies of dead aliens? Yes, there were bodies of aliens.

THE WALKING HOUSE 1. What is inside the house? the house has a living room, a kitchen, a toilet, and a bed A computer controls the legs. 2. How does it move? The house moves with its paws. 3. How fast does is travel? 160 meters an hour. 4. How is it eco-friendly? It is very eco-friendly because it runs on solar and wind energy. 5. Why is the house cool? Why can you take a walk with the house

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Air law