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Water Cycle : the natural sequence through Which water passes into the atmosphere as water vapor, precipitates to earth in Liquid or solid form, and ultimately returns to the atmosphere through evaporation.

Sequence Of the water cycle proces :

Evaporation : water molecules in liquid state escapes into the air as Water vapor. /

Condensation: molecules Of water vapor in the air become liquid water. / Precipitation: any from of water that falls from clouds and Reaches Eath’s surface. /

Collection: This is when water runs off slopes.

Info: hydrological cycle: pathway of Water from the atmosphere to Earth’s surface, bellow ground and back. / Biogeochemical cycle: movement of A chemical through the biological and geological, or living and nonliving, Parts of a ecosystem. / Nitrogen Fixation: process by which certain types of bacteria convert gaseous Nitrogen compounds. / Posphorus cycle: Occurs on a local, rather than global scale. Its limited to water,soli and Ocena sedimenet also not includes atmospheric portion.

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