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A cross-section (Sección transversal) gives a cutaway view of the joint between two panels.

A note (Notas) gives a brief descriptlon or a reference to another related drawing. 
A plan (Plano) gives a view of the whole deck, trom above. 
A schematic (Esquematico) gives a simplified representation of a network of air ducts.
A specification (Especificación) gives detailed written technical descriptions of the panel
Amplified = made greater.  Elevation (Elevacion) gives a vlew of all the panels, from the front. 
An exploded view (Planodetallado) gives a deconstructed view of how the panels are -
 fixed together. Artistic (Artístico) (general English) design, e.G. Fashion design and interior 
design. Assess (evaluar), determine (determinar), quantify (cuantificar), to what extent.
Automated Guided Vehicles (Vehículos Guiados Automatizados) = driverless vehicles which 
operate in warehouses and factories. Black Bolts (pernos negros) = a term used in civil 
engineering to describe ordinary bolts. Budget (Presupuesto)= how much money is available
, for example the budget for building a new high-speed train. Cable Tray (bandeja de cables) 
= narrow metal deck suspended from a ceiling or fixed to a wall which supports several cables.
Capacity (Capacidad)= how much something needs to produce or carry, for example how 
much power an electrical circuit must be able to carry. Carve (tallar)= to make something by 
cutting the surface of stone, wood, etc. Concrete (Hormigón) = a very hard building material
made by mixing together cement, sand, small stones and water. Contractor (contratista): a
company that has been employed for a project/contract. Core drilling (taladro de diamante)
= Core drilled holes are formed after the concrete walls have been cast, using a diamond drill.
Crane (grua)= a tall metal structure with a long horizontal part which is used For lifting and
moving heavy objects. Design (Diseño):  the collective word for all the information that’s
given in order to produce or build something. Design brief (Diseño breve) : It is a written
summary used to specify design objectives. Ductwork (conductos) = collective term for ducts
/ducting – large-section pipes with circular or square profiles for carrying air, or a protective.
Easibility (Viabilidad)= the possibility of doing something. Fabrication (fabricacion): making
something / putting something together. Feasibility study (Estudio de viabilidad)= an
examination of a situation to decide whether a suggested method.


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