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- In order for artist to obtain royalties, they need to register with the MACP (Music Authors' Copyright Protection). 

MACP's license is required by any person, firm or organization who does, causes or authorises a public performance or a communication to the public of any musical work controlled by MACP. 

The licence authorizes a licensee to use MACP's repertoire pursuant to the terms of the particular licence granted, in consideration for which the licensee agrees to pay an appropriate fee.

There are 3 types of licenses available in MACP, depending on the nature of the usage, the licence granted by MACPis a contract.

1. Permit licence for public performance in a single event of a limited duration. 

2. Annual licence for public performance which can continue from year to year until terminated by either party.

3. New media licence for the use of music over the internet & mobile phones.


In other countries, such as US, they have similar organizations like MACP. They are ASCAP and BMI. 

- Safeguarding their intellectual properties is important to prevent exploitation of talent. 

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