Aircraft systems

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benzene-contains six carbon atoms in a ring

aromatics-chemicals that contain the benzene ring

ethylene-the simplest olefin, it is a sweet-smelling gas..

olefins-a group of compounds made by cracking alkanes..

flourides-inorganic compounds of flourine that are..

carbonates-compounds that rect with acids to give off..

chlorides-compounds containing chloride

methanol-an alcohol with the formula CH3OH

nitrates-contain NO3 and a metal cation

oxides-compound of oxygen and another element

polypropylene-made from propene and often used for..

fungicide/herbicide/insecticide/pesticide/soil management

(tierra cultivable)nutrient management(gestión de nutrientes)

pest management(manejo de plagas)sustainable production 

systems(sist. De producc. Sostenible)///easy flow(flujo fácil)

flame resistant(resistente al fuego)flame retardant(retardante

de llama)heat resistant(resistente al calor)stiff=tough(rígido)


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