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deposition is the change from gas to solid

sublimation is the change from solid to gas 
kinetic molecular theory explains that the behavior of physical systems depends on the mixed actions of the molecules that constitute the system. Explicit el movemientos de las provided ( constante vibracion)
diffusion is the movement of particles from higher density to lower density example= perfume 
effusion is the pass of a gas under pressure through a tiny hole 
ideal gas has no volume , Collisions between ideal Gases are "elastic". This means that no attractive or repulsive forces are involved. kinetic energy of the gas molecules remains constant .
real gas has volume, collisions are non-elastic.
from solid to liquid to gas it is absorving energy and from gas to liquid to solid it is releasing energy
in a gas the kinetic energy depends on the temperature
difussion of gases increases if the temperature increases and the molecules are small in size
condensation is gas to liquid 
melting is solid to liquid 
vaporization is liquid to gas 

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