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2.2 FISHINGIN EUROPE: gemeral char. Has a modern and technologically advanced fleet. main fish. Coun. Norway denmark russia and spain. Problems: excessyve capacity of the fleet and the danger of exhausting supplies. The common fishery policies: same as the cap but witth fish. U7. 1.TERTIARY SECTOR SPACE: 1.1 Tertiary sector activities: activities involved in delivering services. 1.2 Service classi. According to who delivers them: public, private. According to their function: transport,leisure,tourism. According to their degre: low-skilled, skilled, high skilled. 1.3Services in the world today. Develope countires: 60% to employment figures of GDP, increase in living standards. Underdeveloped countries: less gdp because of low skilled. 2TRANSPORT (1). NETWORK AND CONTEMPORARYTRANSPORT. 2.1 Transport, means and infrastructure. Transport systems air,sea, land. Means of transport:cars. Fixed infras:roads. 2.2 Global transport networks: Transport infrastructure create networks across geographic space: are made up of nodes, central points of departure and arrival for passengers and merchandise, pathways lines that links nodes. Linked spaces: DEVELOPED COUNTRIES: numerous, well buildt transport, main nodes in major cities. Also have main aiports and good links to global shipping routes. Latest improvements have been introduced: new fuels, more passengers, infrastructure improvements and high tech systems. POORLY linked spaces: less developed countries: poorly linked, few transport, africa, latin america, asia. Underdeveloped countries:sparse transport networks: asia siberia.

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