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Overdenture – Complete or removable partial denture whose base covers one or more retained teeth and one or more several implants. Provide stability, retention and Support.Needs a retetntive system.

Offers- removable option, use of remained teeth and can be Supporte by natural teeth or implants.

Advantages over CD- 1. Maintanence of alveolar bone ( retained roots ability to convert compressive Forces into tractional forces. 2. Increase in masticatory forces ( overdenture force increased) 3. Tactile discrimination ( pdl has proprioceptive send Messages to the brain) 4.Teeth maintenance (teeth poor prognosis used as Abutments minimum 5mm of bone 5. Stability and rentention, esthetics (horse Shoe shape) 6. Less prosthetic adjustment

Disadvantages – 1. Economic cost( abutment teeth into Retention system with gold alloys. 2. Vd- patients with low vd cant because Space required to accomadate male and female parts. 3. Maintenance due to Female parts are plastic and relining is harder with abutments as they are in The middle of the tissular surface,

Indication- Doubtful abutments, low ability to adapt to rcd, maintain teeth for alveolar Bone, extreme tooth wear, refual of implants, maxillofacial congential, or Acquired defects, congenital disorders where there is a reduced number of Permanent teeth ie anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia.

Contraindications- Abutment teeth don’t fulfill the periodontal or endodontic requirements Abutment distribution is not suitable, reduced interocclusal space ie VD

Selection of Abutment teeth: 1. Periodontal state. (5mm of bone around it) 2. Endodontic state (check cysts) 3.Number and position of abutments (symmetrical) 4. Root shape (conical worse, flat and curved better) 5. Opposing teeth (assess Opposing arch forces are lighter in CD with implants there is tactile Discrimination

Abutment teeth preparation- endodontic treatment and A preparation for a post for root anchorage , wait for 1-2 months which reduces Lever force. Prep no excess of 2-3 mm excepr telescopic crown. Weak tooth leave The root to keep alvealor ridge aslong as there is no cysts. Power tooth- use Double crown.

Maintenance-at the time of delivering denture prosthesis:

Hygiene guidelines- Patient motivation flossing, brushing abutments with toothpaste after every Meal, interproximal brushing for bar systems, immerse in disinfectant (corega Tabs immerse in for one hour then clean with water)

Insertation and removal guidelines- no force while inserting And not while occluding, insert using fingers and infront of a mirror

Night use- not at night, excep bruxist patient

Follow up schedule- review 6-12 months, first year reline 6-8 months, review once a year, scaling abutments if needed, if loss of Retention reactivate the female parts replace plastic parts.

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