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c)Comment On the use polymers in construction giving examples of their use and describe The problems presented by the use of polymers in the event of a fire.

Answers 5 c):

Polymers are more common in the Construction industry than ever before and composite materials can offer good Strength to weight ratios as well as good levels of durability. GRP can offer alternative Bridge design options, particularly in remote areas where large section can be Flown in by helicopter and erected in shorter time periods. Other examples Include:

  • Window frames – UPVC

  • Rain-water goods – UPVC

  • Waste systems – UPVC / ABS

  • Glazing – Acrylics

  • Cold-water cisterns – Glass reinforced polyester

  • Cavity insulation – Polystyrene bats

  • Sealants are specified with a movement accommodation Factor - Bonding on all side should be avoided – allows Change in shape to occur with movement

  • Due to their organic nature they decompose readily In fire

  • Hazard in buildings due to:

    Emission of toxic gasses

    Contribution to the fire – Flaming/heat emission

    Emission Of dense smoke – makes escape =

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