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- CPD: it is a room to house computer systems and associated components.
- The cold water goes to the CPD to cool the warm air and then returns to The cooling machines to repeat the process.
- Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): It is an external device that allows the computer to keep working for a Limited time when the main power source is lost. Moreover, to carry out the maintenance of the UPS, there is disposed a bypass system to allow the CPD to continue working while the maintenance is being done.

- Magnetothermics: It is a switch able to cut the electricity when the circuit exceeds the Maximum values. It protects the installations from overloading and short Circuits. There is also a system that stabilizes the peaks of electricity to avoid Overloading. 
- Optic fibre cables: Monomode and multimode. The monomode cables are yellow and can arrive More than one kilometre, while the multimode ones are orange and can arrive Until one kilometre. 
Network core is the layer responsible for providing connectivity between The various points of access.
- Firewall: it is a program which controls the access of a computer to the net and from the net to the computer for security. 
- Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is a sub-network that separates an internal Local area network from other untrusted networks. Its purpose is to protect an Intranet from external access.

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