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3.TRASPORT(2) SYSTEMS:2.1 LAND TRANSPORT road, rail. Road most widely used network for passenger medium short dist. adv:direct access, dis:high traffic,low load capacity,pollution. Rail= adv: high load capacity,safety,speed,low pollution. Dis:rigidity of the route and high cost. 3.2 sea and air transp: ships:used to transport small things. Aeroplanes:20 cent. Sea transport: maritime: transport heavy volimonous things. Adv:high low capacity, low cost. Dis:slow speed, pollution. Air transport: aeroplamnes: transport persons and small voluminous with high value objects. Adv. Safety,quicker dis:high cost and contaminates. 4TOURISM(1)TYPES AND AREAD. 4.1 TYPES: waterside,mountain,rural, other foms of tourism: historical,artistic. 4.2 Areas: Main tourist areas are europe and USA. In europe: mediteranean. USA:califonia,florida. Other inter.Tourist.Dest: esatern europe,mexico,caribbean,china. Less developed: less tourism: lack of transport,poor safety.5TOURISM EFFECTS AND TOURISM POLICIES: 5.1Economic effects: adv and dis. 5.2Demograhic and social consequences. Job seeking opu. Stopped emigration. Tourism contributes the modernisation and helps to avoid racism and xenophobia. 5.3 Envionmental ffects: overexploits. New tourism policies: Tourism policies seek to foster positive effects of mass tourism and avoid the negative. Sustainable tourism: combines economic development with the maintence of natural and cultural values.

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