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receptors: gather outside information.
Exterorreceptores: sensory structures that make up the organs.
Eye: of 3 layers: sclera, choroid and retina in the eyeball is the aqueous liquid smoke located between the cornea and lens and vitreous between the lens and retina. Operation: The cornea bends light, a lens convexa.Pupila: Controls the amount of luz.Cristalino: focus images taken by his curvatura.Retina: get pictures invertidas.Fotorreceptores: Converting an image into impulses.
Ear has 3 parts: External ear: pinna and cartilaginous ear canal and externo.Glandulas ceruminous: cerumen.Oído produce medium: Eardrum: vibra.Cadena membrane of ossicles: anvil, hammer and semicircular estribo.Canales: sense of equilibrio.Caracol: Ewceptores auditivos.Trompa eustachian: It connects the ear to the pharynx, ear equalizes presión.El is responsible for hearing and balance.
Touch: It has two layers (skin) and dermis.Queratina Epidermis: Cell protectora.Corpusculos vater-pressure cold paccini.Corpusculos: Kraussse corpus.Meiser: cotacto.Corpusculo Heat Ruffini.
Nose: Mucosa: internal epithelial tissue called. Pituitary: Pituitary yellow: olfactory receptors to the bulb uneen pituitary raquídeo.La red: red blood cells, heat the air.
Taste: On the surface of the lengua.Hay 4 flavors, the sense is related to smell.
Diseases: Eyes: Glaucoma increases pressure balloon ocular.Hipermetropia: It looks bad retina focuses closely mal.Miopía: distant objects are borroso.Agtismatismo: poorly focused near and lejos.Conjuntivitis: Inflammation of the tissue conjunctive. Ear: Otitis: Ear infection Meniere medio.Enfermedad: Equillibrio in the ears, nostrils In: Rhinitis: Sore nose. Skin: Urticaria: rojas.Psoriasis spots appear: scaling of the honey.

Coordination systems
Stimulus-receptor-effector center nervioso.Respuesta musculo-motor or effector-secreting gland. SN:
Neurons transmit nerve impulses, do not regenerate, separated by a zone (synapses), chem substances. That transmit the impulse neurotransmisores.Estan are composed of the cell body and the function can be axon.Su: Sensitiva.Llevan sensations central.Y nervous system motor neurons send information from the CNS to the effectors Proc muscular.Células contraction of glia: feed, protect and insulate neurons.
CNS, responsible for monitoring the body and its activities. SNP: Nerve impulses from receptors in the CNS and east to the effectors.
SN: brain and spinal cord. Brain is all that is within the cráneo.Med.Espinal within vertebras.Meninges: surround the spinal snc.Bulbo: regulates involuntary functions.
SNP: sensory nerves: snc information. Motor nerves Information from the CNS to the organs motores.Somáticos: Movement muscular.Sn Vegetative básicas.Simpático acts on functions and simpatico. Activity and rest.

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