Aircraft systems

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1-What Class of fit are aircraft bolts normally manufactured to?


2-Where Would stress corrosion most likely occur?

* In parts that are subject to tensile stress.

3-S.A.E Stand for?

*Society Of Automotive Engineering.

4-In Which direction is aircraft fabric strongest?


5-What Is the construction of low pressure flexible line?

*Seamless rubber inner liner, cotton braid, and a smooth or ribbed rubber outer cover.

6-Where Is copper lock wire used on aircraft?

*Controls Or switches associated with emergency equipment.

7-What Parameters are required to identify a thread on a bolt?

*The Major diameter of the thread, thread from and threads per inch.

8-What Is a common type of damage to aircraft fabric coverings?

*An 'L' shaped tear.

9-Which Bearing can sustain heavy radial and thrust combination loads?

*Roller Baring.

10-Glue Is approved for use in aircraft wooden Structure?


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