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Agriculture was the main activity.
 The most important characteristic of these territories is the scarcity of water.
 For this reason, Muslims introduced new techniques such as irrigation systems,
waterwheels, channels, wells, cisterns, watermills,...
 At the same time, they introduced new crops: vegetables (spinach); cereals (rice) fruit
trees (orange, lemon trees); others (saffron, sugar cane).
 Another important activity was stockbreeding/livestock: in the desert lands, people
were nomadic and they had sheep and goats. To use them in transport they raised
camels, horses and donkeys too.

b) Artisans: craftsmanship.
There was an important artisanal production in the cities. Muslim artisans were very
skilful and they produced high quality products like leather (Spain), steel tools, swords
(Damascus), cotton textiles (Egypt), carpets (Persia), pottery.
c) Commerce / trade.
 Arabs benefited from their role as intermediaries due to their strategic position
between Europe, Asia and Africa.
 Trade routes went through Saudi Arabia:

o China, India, Western Europe → Silk Road.
o By land, routes were crossed by caravans of camels→ oases had a
great importance for trade because they supplied water and food.
 Products: luxury products like silk, leather, textiles, spices, salt, slaves,...
 Gold and silver coins were used throughout the Mediterranean.

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