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INN: Is th process & outcome of creating Something new, which is also of value. Schumpeter argued that innovation Comes about through new combinations made by an entrepreneur, resulting in a new product a new process opening a new Mwrket. nnew way of organizing the business new sources of supply.CHARACT. OF INN.: There’s an object or target which is being changed. It can b product, a process, an individual’s Lifestyle, an organizatios strategy, a society culture. ●INN vary in extent or Magnitude i.E. Degree to which one deviates from th past. ●It’s closely related To problem solving since generation & implementation of ids for changes Never transpire without difficulty. ●A final characteristic is th impact of th Change, th significance or range of its effects. Types of INN 1 (by Oslo Manual):In Business & economics, INN is often divided into 5 types: 1.Prdct INN, Which involves th introduction of a new good or service that is substantially Improved. Improvements in functional characts, technical abilitie 2. Process INN: involves th implementation of a new or significantly improved Production or delivery method 3.Marketing INN is th development of new Marketing methods  (prdct design or Packaging, promotion or pricing). 4. Organizational INN (social INN) Involves th creation of new organizations, business practices, ways of running Organizations or new organizational behavior. 5. Business Model INN Involves changing th way business is done in terms of capturing value. INN is th key of economic growth ●brings social benefits ●helps to create greater security ●improve health care Services improvement of th quality of th products ●products & services that are less burdened by th environment. DEGREE OF NOVELTY: ●Incremental (>) INN ●Radical INN ●Systemic INN. Classif. Of INN: SYSTEM: ●New series of cars, planes, computers, TV [>“do better what we already”] ●New generation (MP3 & download as substitution CD) [“new for th company“] ●Steam engine, ICT, biotechnology, nanotechnology [Radical “new for th world“] COMPONENT ●Improvement of components [>”do..”]●New components for existing systems [“new..”] ●Advanced materials improving component properties [Rad.”new..”]. WHAT IS CR Teresa Amabile, 3 ingred: •Domain skills: are developed as one becomes an expert in a field. •Creative Thinking skills: include seeking novelty and diversity, being independent, Persistent, and having high standards. •Intrinsic motivation: implies that th Reasons for doing things come from within - from passion and pleasure, not Because of external demands, pressures, or rewards. 6 TIPS TO HELP U ENHANCE YOUR CR: 1.Open Your Mind: New experiences Stimulate th brain and help u make new and original connections; critical for Boosting breakthroughs.   2.Diversify - Involve others in your problem-solving efforts who bring a ≠ perspective or Cultural experience than yours. 3.Mental Floss – Relax; Stress, exhaustion, Boredom and even pain can block our pathways to CR. 4.Stop Looking For th Right Answer - Look for many right answers. 5.Discover Your Creative Rhythm - Start Paying attention. 6.Health Makes Wealth - Regular exercise it boosts brain Performance as well. 7.Find what u love to do

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