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 -Participation In the First WW: The Russian empire took part in the firs World War Because it allied with grat britain and france. The continuous defeats the army Suffered under the leadership of the tsar caused further discontent among the People. Creation of the USSR: -Political organisation: *Political Power was held by the soviest which had the power to make laws and to choose The people who held executive power. *The CPSU was the only political party and It represented the interests of the workers. -Economy: Lenin Established the NEP which allowed some capitalist systems to exist to increase Productions. -Territorial organisation: Was a federal state That included Russia as the main republic and several samller republics, such As Belorussia and Ukraine which accepted the soviet systemGerman Empire: -Bismarckian system 1871-1890: The chancellor Otto Von Bismarck established a system of allies, the objectives of these allis were: *To maintain Germany hegemony in Europe *To prevent France from declaring war On Germany to recover Alsace Lorraine. -The expansionist foreing policy Of Wilhelm II 1890-1914:

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