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  • Type of muscles:

1.- SKELETAL MUSCLES (voluntary systems)

2.- CARDIAC MUSCLE  (involuntary muscle)

3.- VISCERAL-SMOOTH MUSCLES  (involuntary systems)

  • Functions:

-It provides movement for the human body-locomotion (voluntary muscles / skeletal systems).

-It permits movement of organs: involuntary muscles;

smooth and cardiac muscles.

-It maintains posture or muscle tone.

-It stabilizes joints.

-The body temperature is maintained by the production of body heat (thermogenesis)

  • Sarcomere:

Basic functional (contractile) unit called sarcomere.

Sarcomeres separated from each other by dark bands called Z lines.

  • Relaxed and contracted:

The contraction of the muscle causes the two types of myofilaments to slide toward each other and shorten the sarcomere and thus the entire muscle.

  • Sliding filament model: (explains mechanism of contraction)

Thick and thin myofilaments slide past each other as a muscle contracts.

Contraction requires calcium and energy-rich ATP molecules.

  • Control:

The muscular systems is controlled through the nervous system although some muscles (such as the cardiac muscle) can be completely autonomous.

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