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1. TERMINOLOGY • Mixing • The act of monitoring and adjusting the sound board During a show - Adjusting sound levels real time • Reinforcement • The use of sound systems to amplify and enhance the Voices, music, and sounds of a performance • Augmenting real sound with microphones, 2-PRODUCTION SOUND ENGINEER • Other names - • A1 • Sound board operator • Sound mixer • Responsible for mixing all of the electronic sound elements • Music • Effects • Reinforcement. 3- SOUND DESIGNER • In highest levels of theatre, designers tend to specialize in either Musicals or non-musicals • 3 main areas of training • Sound Scoring • Sound reinforcement • Sound system design/operation • Optional fourth - Musical composition. 4-LIGHTING PERSONNEL • Master electrician • Usually an in-house position • Implements the lighting design 5-

 SOUND DESIGNER • Responsible for everything related to sound for a given production • Provides the design for - • Pre-recorded music • Sound effects • Live voices • Musical instruments • Sound elements 6- FUNCTIONS OF STAGE LIGHT • Visibility • Selective focus • Modeling • Mood VISIBILITY • If you can’t see ‘em, you can’t hear ‘em .SELECTIVE FOCUS • Draws the attention of the spectators to a specific place on stage •   MODELING • Objects on stage can appear very “flat” without proper lighting •MOOD • Sadness, aggression, joy • The moods of the scene should be reflected in the light • Effective stage lighting is subtle and rarely noticed. 7. Foley sound • Sound effects being performed live • Crunching paper sounds like fire

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