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types of parties

A.Elite parties: parties in which membership and scope were historically largely restricted to a small number of political elites, formed particularly in situations where an individual politician´s political standing can be secured without the support of large populations.Can be generally more flexible than mass parties due to less bureaucratic structure, since policy depends on powerful individuals in the party.

B.Mass parties: representing the working class, with large numbers of citizens as members,and which undertake massive political mobilization.Most parties are not that big but do have a large membership base compared to non mass party political parties. Eg: barajita janata party in india has 100 million registered members

C.Catch all parties: p.Parties that are flexible on their ideological positions and aim to attract support from a broad range of interest groups and voters. Eg: any of the mainstream parties in the west.

D. Other types of parties: in previously colonized countries or in multi-ethnic countries, there are nationalist parties: Fatah in Palestine.

Party systems

A.Dominant party system: country contains 1 large political party that predominates politically for a sustained period & often controls legislative&executive branches. Can happen in democracies but usually not a good thing. ANC in South Africa 1944-present. PRI in mexico until 2000.

B. Single party system: legal or constitutional bans on opposition parties( north korea 1948-present, Nazi Germany 1933-1945)

C. Two party system: consisting of 2 significant parties, which have duopoly on governing ( us), some countries have 2 more party systems, 2 main parties with several smaller parties ( uk, spain)

5.Multiparty system: more than 2 major parties that have opportunities to govern ( germany, northern europe, brazil)can be relatively fragmented-many small parties.Or realively concentrated-few large parties

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