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In the spring of 1940, the Germans launched a massive invasion known as the blitzkrieg, meaningLightning war

What did the “lend-lease” plan in 1940 allow the U.S. To do?

Under this plan, the president would lend or lease arms and other supplies to "any country whose defense was vital to the United States."

What did President Franklin Roosevelt do in 1941, prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?President Franklin Roosevelt froze all Japanese assets in the United States.

Which nation declared war first, Germany or United States?


In World War II, the main American strategy to fight Japan was to

Mount two offensive campaigns to attack the Japanese from two directions

In World War II, one of the primary American commanders in the Pacific

was Chester Nimitz

Explain the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942.

1. Japan moves southerly hoping to take control of Southern nations

2. America reacts and fights back

 3. ultimately America wins because Japan is forced to withdraw due to a

lack of equipment and specialties.

48.Explain the Battle of Midway in 1942.

June 4, 1942

-USA intercepted Japanese plans to attack Midway = Nimitz (USA) set up around Midway

-USA launched attack on major portion of the Japanese fleet

-USA defeated Japanese and delivered a major blow to the Japanese fleet

-Viewed as turning point of war

49.After 1943, the United States advanced on Japan primarily with the

aid of forces from Australia and New Zealand

In 1942–1943, the British and American war effort against the Nazis

Concentrated onNorth Africa 

During World War II, the first Axis country to be defeated was Italy 

Was there evidence of a domestic security risk by Japanese-Americans in

1942, when the United States interned them in “relocation centers?”

 There was no evidence that the Japanese Americans were a domestic security risk.

In August 1944, the Allies liberated from German occupation the city of


What was the result of the Allied bombing on Dresden, Germany, in February 1945? 

1. Destroyed 75% of the previously undamaged city.

2. Killed approximately 135,000 people.

3. Resulted in mostly civilian casualties.

Briefly describe the Battle of the Bulge. It was the last major battle on the

western front, an unsuccessful attempt to push the Allies back from

German home territory.

In April 1945, American and British forces halted their advance on

Germany at the Elbe River wait for the Russian army to arrive

Briefly describe the 1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf.

It was the largest naval engagement in history, permitted U.S. Invasion of the Philippines, and reinforced the Allies' control of the Pacific.

The costliest battle in the history of the United States Marines Corps was

The Battle of Iwo Jima

In 1939, the first steps toward the creation of an atomic bomb were taken

by  Nazi Germany

Prior to ordering the use of an atomic bomb against Japan, President Harry

Truman issued an ultimatum to Japan to surrender or face utter


In August 1945, the primary reason the United States dropped a second

atomic bomb on Japan was because the Japanese did not immediately

surrender after the first bomb was dropped

62. Who were the leaders of the following nations during the World War II:

U.S.: Franklin Roosevelt

USSR: Joseph Stalin

UK: Winston Churchill 

GERMANY: Adolf Hittler

JAPAN: Emperor Hirohito

ITALY: Benito Mussolini

63. Which nations were working on developing the Atomic bomb during World War II? The U.S, Great Britain and Canada.

Which nation developed the 1st operational jet fighter aircraft?


What was the 1st functional long-range ballistic missile to be used operationally and which nation developed it? 

The V2, Germany.

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