The airplane is on ground at sea level

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Oriol Melero Ramirez

Castelldefels, 08860 (Barcelona)

Av. Lluis Companys nº 29, 1º 1ª

Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España, S.A.

301 Dr. Fleming

Barcelona, 08874

Dear Mr Gomes,

I am writing to complain about my awful experience with your company, although before leaving the airport, I submitted the appropriate claim.

On the one hand, my luggage got lost, so that when arrived to my destination in New York I could not do anything without my things.

On the other hand, the seats of the airplane were very uncomfortable, and the trip has been horrible.

As if this were not enough, your employees were not able to inform us about the reasons why my luggage did not come up. They could not solve the problem at all.

First of all, I would like to have an apology from your company and then I would like you to find my suitcase as soon as possible, since I am on a business trip and I need my things to work.

I look forward to hearing your early reply.

Yours sincerely

O. Melero

O. Melero

Maketing and advertising worker

A: I'm calling because I'll be in London next week and Id like to make an appointment to see you. I want to tell you about our new collection.

B: Great. What day would suit you? I'm fairly free next week, I think.

A: How about, wdnesday? In the afternoon? Could you make it then?

B: Let me look now. Let me check the diary. Yes, that'd be no problem at all. What about two o'clock? Is that OK?

A: Thank you. I'm putting you through... Hello, I'm afraid she's engaged at the moment will you hold or can I put you through to her voicemail?

B: Would you be able to take a message for me, please? I'm in a bit of a hurry.

A: Yes, certainly.

B: The thing is, I should be meeting Ms Verdi at 2 p.M., but somthing's come up. My plane was delayed, and I've got to reschedule my appointments. If possible, id like to meet her tomorrow, preferably in the morning. Could she call me back here at the hotel, please, to confirm?

A: Certainly. What's the numbre?

B: It's 02078553814

- Yes, we are going to book the Emory Centre in Atlanta.

-Ok, you look in your bag, and I will check the back seat of the car.

-We are going to meet our agent to discuss next year's advertising budget.

-I need to get there tonight. I will take the train. Ithink it leaves at nine.

-Ok, I will wait for you there.

My last overseas business trip was a nightmare from start to finish. First of all, there was delay on the way to the airport, as there was an accident on the freeway. When I got there, I found the lower level of the airport car park was flooded. Next, my hand-luggage was too big and heavy, so I had to check it in. When we arrived , the underground was closed, and there were no cabs at all. After a long time trying to figure out the timetable and waiting in queue for 40 minutes, we finally got a bus city centre and found he hotle. Then there was a problem with our room reservation and, would you believe it, the elevator wasn't working, and our rooms were on the fifth floor.

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