The airplane is on ground at sea level

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1-A) Because the increase of temperatura makes glaciers melt, and because of this, the level of wáter increases, and it can cause dangerous geological disasters.

B)Because water can affect the preassuren througt the ground

2- True:Suggestions that climate change predicted for coming decades could bring changes remain speculative, but the scientist say there is enough evidence to take the threat seriously.

True:Melting glaciers and rising sea levels affect the distribution of huge amounts of water, wich release and increase preassures through thr ground

True:Studies point toward increased risk in relation to warmer world, and observations suggest that the rise global temperatures may already be producing disasters in the earth’s surface.


Global warming is a very dangerous problem nowadays. Day by day, we see how temperature increases. So much people might think an ordinary person cannot do anything, but it is not true, the solution is on our hands, and we must do somethimg.

First of all, one of the causes of global warming is the emision of pejudicial gases. Those gases are sent by cars, industries and nocive products. Government should do somethimg about it. For example, they cpuld put taxes to conductors or industries in order to reduce their emision.

Secondly, another problem is the excess of rubbish. People tend throw every thing together and not to recycle there should be more ways to recycle.

Conclusion,, for instance goverment should put more containers and do campaigns promoting recycling to sum up there are a lot of ways to stop global warming and everybody can do a little bit.

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