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early life
- hamilton howard fish, nicknamed "albert" after dead sibling, avoiding nickname ham n eggs
-- father was 43 y/older than mother
-- family history of mental illness, uncle with mania, brother in state hospital, sister with "mental affliction", mother had auditory and visual hallucinations, 3 other diagnosed relatives
-- father died of a heart attack, was put in orphanage, subject to harsh treatment
-- left at age 9 when mother got government job
-- started first relationship at 12, kinky shit
-- went to new york and became prostitute at age 20, began raping yung boys

mental well-being
-- 1898, married a woman arranged by his mother
-- worked as a house painter, continued rape/molestation
-- became obsessed w sexual mutilation
-- 1903 arrest for grand larceny
-- 1917, wife left him and he had to raise six children on his own
-- began to have auditory hallucinations and hear religious messages
-- self harm with needles in groin, began eating/serving raw meat to his children
-- raped and mutilated many

murders and execution
-- 1919, stabbed intellectually disabled boy, first known technical murder
-- chose mentally handicapped, black ppl, and children bc they wouldn't be missed
 -- "implements of hell" meat cleaver, butcher knife, small handsaw
-- 1924, attempted to kidnap beatrice kiel, both mom and dad chased him away two different times
-- felt that god was commanding him to torture and sexually mutilate children
-- remarried 1930, divorced after one week, arrested for writing obscene letters to maid advertisments in paper
-- 1931, sent to psychiatric hospital for evaluation
-- answered ad written by Edward Budd seeking employment
-- visited the Budds to hire Edward but actually wanted to murder him
-- met his 10y/o daughter Grace and decided to kill her instead
-- made up story about his niece's birthday party, brought Grace to it
-- instead he took her to an abandoned house and killed and ate her
-- 1934, he wrote a letter to her parents describing what he did to her (traced back to Fish)
-- used stationary left in boarding house from someone who stayed before him, able to identify from guest list
-- 2 new victims discovered after arrest
-- Francis McDonnell was found sexually assaulted and strangled with his suspenders, left hamstring stripped of flesh
-- Billy Gaffney there was nothing found but he was missing and Fish wrote letter to his lawyer about eating the boy
-- he was questioned by Billy's mother, wept and refused to answer, she never believed he was her son's killer 
-- trial began march 11, 1935
-- found sane and guilty
-- death sentence
-- executed by electric chair Jan 16, 1936 at Sing Sing correctional in New York
-- "I don't even know why I'm here"

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