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When Santiago, a young pastor, has a dream that reveals the location of a hidden treasure buried in the pyramids of Egypt for his simple life is suddenly split. Part of him wants to risk going to pursue it and the other party wants to continue his simple life of a pastor.

A mysterious Taifa king convinces Santiago that he has succeeded in discovering his Personal Legend. The old king tells Santiago to continue his Personal Legend to achieve it is the only real obligation of a person in life.

Santiago listens to his heart and decides to do a dangerous pursuit of the treasure. He sold his herd of sheep and goes to Africa, where they steal all their gold and leave promptly shot in the streets. He decided that was a fool to believe in their dreams and quickly get a job with a crystal merchant in order to save enough money to return home.

After spending nearly a year working for the merchant, James has made the business much success and has enough money to do what you want. While walking through the streets to return home suddenly decides to take the risk and continue their search for buried treasure.

He joins a caravan to make dangerous desert crossing as they travel, and spend the slow, long days, he begins to listen to your heart and to the desert. He begins to understand what is the Soul of the World and how he fits into it.

When the caravan arrives at the oasis, Santiago meets a young girl with whom he falls in love from the moment you see it. The local alchemist, a mysterious man who brings to mind the old King James, it helps to Santiago to continue their journey through the desert and taught most important lessons about life along the road. Although James does not know, he is getting wiser, and a master in art of living as possible no matter what. Although he has left his true love in the oases, is determined to follow his dream to end.

After many adventures, dangers, and important life lessons Santiago finally reaches the Pyramids. Her happiness finally reaches the end of your trip that overwhelms him, and he is grateful for having had the opportunity to follow his dream.

He begins to dig deep into the sand in search of treasure, but before much progress appears a group of bandits, beating and stealing. Force him to continue digging, and then go on not finding any treasure. One of the bandits, as their destiny, Santiago gives an important clue and when they leave Santiago can not do anything more than laugh, because he knows where he is truly his treasure.

Turning out to be where his journey began, under the same tree where he had had the prophetic dream several years ago. He digs and finds a beautiful box arrived from gold and precious stones. His next and final trip will be returning to the desert to meet the woman he loves.

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