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Be born: nacer, nuy a house: comprar una casa, dile: morir, fall in love: enamorarse, degree: Obtener un titulo, get a job: conseguir un trabajo, get married: Carasrse, Get old: Envejecer, go to university: ir a la universidad, grow up: crecer, have children: tener hijos, learn to drive: aprender a conducir, leave home: salir de casa, leave school: abandonar la escuela, retire: jubilarse.--- Get degree: Obtener titulo, get a house: obtener una casa, get a job: conseguir un trabajo, get present: obtener un regalo, get home: llegar a casa, get married: casarse, get older: envejecer. --TEXTO-- Dear Granny and Grandad: I´m writtin to thank you for the 40$ you sent me for passing my exams. I really appreciate it. I´m going to get the tablet I have been wanting to buy! I´ve already saved some money and your 40$ I´LL have enough to buy one.--- How are you both? We´re all fine! We´re preparing for our end-of-team show at school, so Maria and I are busy getting ready for that. It´s a musical and Maria is dancing and I´m singing. I think we´re going to get the costumes tonight at the dress rehearsal!-- Oh, did tell you that I´ve joined a karate club? It´s great! I get on well with everyone there and I´LL beable to enter competitions soon. The only bad thing is that it´s on Friday envenings and I get home late!

Hope to see you soon.

Lots of love.


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