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-End up: acabar                   -Step in

-Lead to                               -to be challenged: desafiar
-Cause agresion                  -ground rules: r basicas
-Bumped into: chocar         -win-win solution
-Fall out with: enfadarse     -sort things out: try find solution
-Get stuck with                    -make up with: amigarse
-take sides                           -fin common ground
-gather perspectives           -to be worth
-half-hearted                       -trial and error
-live up to your promises    -struggling: dificultades

-go to great lenghts: hacer un gran esfuerzo        
-good deads: hacer algo bueno

-get a lot out of it                -can´t be bothered: da igual
-to sweat over something    -give and take
-take the bull by the horns   - ill feeling 
-come to blows: llegar a manos
-pick up a fight

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