Where the two alleles for a certain character are located

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1law:if u cross 2 pure breeds,the hybrids formed is the F1will be identical to each other and to the dominant parent. 2law:the traits found together in heteroz. Individuals separate without mixing together in the formation of gametes. 3law:diff traits are transferred indepently from one to another and all possible combinations can appear.// exceptions: dksome genes aren't ruled by a full dominance but other relationships like: 1intermediate inheritance:the F1 hetero phenotype represents an intermediate trait btw the 2 homo parents because none of them is dominant over the other. 2co dominance: when the 2 alleles appear simuntaniously, = F1 is hetero and has traits from both parents.// Chromosomal theory of inherit. 1905 Thomas Hunt: 1.Genes are located linearly along chromos. A gene is a piece of DNA that contains info. Each gene can be identified by their locus that has dark/light lines. 2.Homologous chrom exchange pieces of DNA so alleles can move along them. 3.Genes located id diff chrom are inherited indepently. Genes in the same chrom are inherited together=linked genes// Genetic sex independence factors: enviromental factors, gene with several alleles, nº of chrom (diploid:female, haplois:male)

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