Analysis of the sonnet "The Butterfly" by Luis de Gongora

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The issue raised is the reflection of the negative effects that come with human ambition. Beside the ambition, the final death as punishment for daring. The issue (remember the myth of Icarus) is shown here wrapped in the allegory of the butterfly, symbol of fleeting beauty. This sonnet has some poetic sermon hendecasyllable barroco.El first, a clear litotes, "Mariposa, not only not a coward," features the figurative term of the metaphor "butterfly." It is described as "cowardly, reckless and fatally blind", with a syntactic structure "not only ... more" dispensable for meaning, but widely used by school butterfly hovers culterana.La the tragedy and "the flame denied even the Phoenix ", not even the mythological bird is allowed physical contact with the flame before and has become ashes, but the Butterfly" willful "means that the flame" to keep his wings. " See mythological reference, so dear culterano and hyperbaton. "As in his later repented damage," it is the beginning of explanation: the butterfly, filed by the "splendor", "reached what looks" and "ambitious" new moral adjective that is attached to the initial "cowardly, reckless ...", "surrender their ill-clad feather that burns". The light burns, and the butterfly dies "in which lies sweetly glorious", the adjective "glorious" describes the desire that motivated his death. The grave, "bone", which has landed his life has been provided ("prevented"), the little bee "soon." The opposition is now looking to these two species of the animal world: prudence and work (bee) against ambition and flirtation (butterfly). The adverb "softly" recalls the work of the bee with flowers. Something of a fable that text, and understand the verse "a mistake sumo highest happiness!" With two similar adjectives at the beginning and end of the line, as happy ending with death, tragedia.Tras perfect scheme to extract the lesson the poet is in the final trio "not so shiny my ambition otherwise ..." His ambition is to meet opposition as the butterfly, but not with the flame, just smoke bastará.Se clearly is a triplet culterano and Baroque "is not my ambition ... ashes will, if not ambition, it does the poet himself, but not the light" as bright contrast, but the smoke "less active it, the more mild". Cenizas and death ... the aftermath of life with moral thought (ambition ....) Import tension in the poem the poet creates understanding in the reader to understand the difficulty as a poetic form virtuous contains rhythms and literary figures.

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