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Simple sentences [declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory, optative (wish), hesitant], [attribute / copular, predicate], (Pre. active) [transitive (CD), intransitive (NoCD), reflexive, reciprocal, impersonal]. (passive)

Impersonal sentences: The respect for teachers, the teacher is respected. Transforming teacher to teacher, the verb does not change, no subject, impersonal.

Reflects passive sentence: it sells the book = the book is sold, the books are sold. When it is necessary to pass the agreement with plural verb.

SE: Reflex [yourself, direct reflexive (john washes CD), indirect relfexiva (John is tied shoes CI), reflexive causative (the barber shop shave in the CD), reciprocal (John and Mary kissed CD, John and maria write letters CI) liability reflects, impersonal.

C.reg.verb: repent, be ashamed of, lack, match, rely on, count on, believe in, engage in, rely on, abandon, dispose of, entertained by, thinking, worrying about / of, complaining, strive, try.

Verbal periphrasis call the union of two (or more) verb forms that function together as a unit. They are usually composed of: a conjugated auxiliary verb, a binding element preposition, conjunction that may appear or not: I must go, going out, you (Ø) work, The word that gives the fundamental meaning, which is in no way personal (infinitive, gerund or participle)
Periphrasis MANNERS: OBLIGATION [+ inf duty, have to + inf, + inf have you, have to + inf] OF POSSIBILITY [+ subj may, to + inf] OF DOUBT [duty to + inf, come to + inf]

Aspectual periphrasis: DURAT [be + ger, ger walk + follow / continue + ger, ger bear + go + ger] Login [be on the verge of + inf, ir a + inf, be to + inf] INCOACTIVA [throw a + inf, break a + inf, + inf made, start / begin to + inf] result [be + part, take + part] repeated [take + part, re-+ part, leave + part] term [stop + inf , end of + inf]

Predicative: S. adjective, verb, predicate, I agree with the subject or CD.

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