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Afferent "Fascicule procencefalico medial continuation of the FR.-F. long. Dorsal n. solitary tract. "Fornix: the hippocampus to n. mammillary. "Talamo: from retina and cortex
Efferent: - Telencephalon: Amygdala and hippocampus
-Talamo: n. ant-pituitary-V downstream efferent (hip-spinal, hip-bulbar, hip-periaqueductal; beam mamilotegmentario)
Irrigation: Neurohi (a. pituitary inf) / Adeno (ah sup)
Fasc. hypothalamic-pituitary: vasopressin oxytocin +
Fasc. tubero-infundibular: Fact liberators / inhibitors
Org. Cicumventriculares: org. subfornical; o. vascular lam. terminal o. subcommissural; g. pineal.
Palio medial HIPOCAS, P. dorsal: Neocortex, P. Lateral olfactory cortex, P. ventral: cloister amygdaloid complex; Subpalio: 1) Eminence Lymph Node (side: = caudate + putamen striatum medial: medial globus pallidus) 2) septal Eminence: n. narrow the septal * 2: complex amigadalino.
Dorsal striatum: notebooks putamen + + balloons pale. Striatum ventral N. accumbens + T. olfactory.Ventral pallidum and subst. innominate.
Via Direct:

Cortex-> + Estriado1) -> - black Sust Reticular n.intralaminares VA + VL + 2) -> - globus pallidus medial-> Fascia thalamic-> VA + VL + n. intralaminar 1)-v.talamo-striatal-> Striated 2)-v. thalamocortical-> cortex
Via indirect
Neostriatum-> - globus pallidus medial-> n. subthalamic 1) -> + globus pallidus medial 2) -> + Sust compact black / two: -> Cortex (v. cortico-bul-pont-en-TE-Retesp

Nigrostriatal pathway:
Sust black compacta (dopamine) -> n. Striated 1) -> D receptor 1: excitatory (via direct) 2) -> D
2receptors: inhibitors (see indirect)
General Conex: olfactory tract, fibers from the stria terminalis; amigadalofuga via ventral; fib. of subst. white.
Conex Afferent: olfactory bulb-> p. cortical associative cortex, subiculum of HIPOCAS-v. amigdalofuga-> n. Central + P. vasolateral; Locus ceroleus, sub. black compact and VTA -> N. Central
Conex Efferent: 1) N. corticomedial-v.amigdalofuga-> HipT + T, 2) P. vasolateral _-> cortex + n. DM (T) [see amigdalofuga] 3) N. central-v. amigdalofuga-> HipT + T + `TE (Sust periaqueductal gray, FR, N. dorsal motor vagus)
Bark Types:
Alocortex (archicortex: [the medial pallium]: HIPC, dentate gyrus, feared tecta, indeseum griseum / paliocortex: [the lateral pallium] olfactory cortex (prepiriform). isocortex [Fr dorsal] neocrotex Mesocortex + Perialocortex: between alo eisocortex (surround)
White Substance:
Internal capsule = f. Projection: f. q q climb down the bark. "commissural fibers: f. q hemispheres communicate (corner of fronix, corner white ant., corpus callosum)-Association fibers of the cerebrum: F. long sup. (O> - <F); F. arcuate (T> - <F); F. long inf (OT> - <F) Cingular: (circun ant> - <Circunv parahipoC)
I: Molecular (just n.) II: Granular ext (c granular Piram grand peq + c) III: Pyramid ext (c Piram peq to medium) IV: Granular int (n starry smooth / stellate) V: Pyramid int (n . pyramidal medium to large) VI: Multiforme (pyramidal c + c spindle)

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