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Picaresque novel in the story of Lazaro de Tormes is contained features of the picaresque genre delimiters, but Matthew was the German who consecrate the Alfarache Guzman to retake the autobiographism in this novel, distinctive features of the rogue and the basic outline of the structural picaresque narrative. There are some changes as a result of changes in taste and sensibility of the Baroque:
a. Moralizing digressions appear rogue's moral norms referring to condemn the criminal acts performed.
b. Negative and disenchanted the world and of man, but ruthless and scathing than the previous picaresque
c. The satire and humor to the vices and customs
d. Baroque literary trends complicate the clarity of exposition, the plainness of language breaks down with hyperbole, distortion and all kinds of resources conceptista own style. Darkness in the language
e. The reality show caricatured and viewed from a distorting lens
The Guzman, Matthew German uses Guzman negative experiences to encourage readers to live honestly, if these moralizing disquisitions bear little relation to the action of the novel. A bitter view of the world and man coincident with the spirit of the times dominates the narrative. The Buscon Quevedo (1616) is the next milestone path of picaresque narrative. Don Pablos It does not indoctrinate. Quevedo presented through satire and mockery subhuman reality and above all create a great work of verbal wit. In 1618 is another work titled picaresque life Escudero Marcos de ObregonVicente Espinel. In 1646 Gonzalez Estebanillo adventure novel.
The female picaresque picaresque tales also arise some who take a woman as protagonist. The sting is often beautiful, clever and crafty look and care in their dress and outward behavior approaches the lady and often pretends to frequent such environments as courtiers. It is a hybrid genre, as it mixes with picaresque elements of the novella and the adventure. The most important works are The mischievous Justina (1605) and daughter Celestina (1612).

The peculiar to the short novel is the love story. While this is framed in a court or in a web of adventures. Is formed at the expense of various components from other fictional forms:
1. In the sixteenth century idealist narrative (pastoral novel, novel Byzantine Moorish novel) on one hand takes away love, episodes of travel and adventure;
2. picaresque novel features satire
3. theater takes types, arguments and spoken forms. In addition also incorporate satirical poems and burlesque.
Following the structure of Cameron's stories are published in series connected by a conventional framework that consists in reproducing a meeting where each member has a story to the present. The story is usually of two lovers who find difficulties of all kinds to join. An important author is Maria de Zayas, is the most genuine representative of this genre. He published two collections of 10 novels each first
amorous and exemplary novels (1637) and disappointment in love (1647). They make a plea for women and also includes the pessimistic and disenchanted world.
Excessive overloading the novel moralistic arguments, suffocated the argument and turned the characters into mere carriers of ideas and people advice.
Custom tiles
They arise from other kinds of novels and when raw picturesque description of the environments and weakens the argument and action. He describes human types, vices and customs of society and is often done from a burlesque or satirical. The custom box is particularly indebted to the picaresque novel. The clearest precedent in this genre is The Dialogue of the DogsCervantes.
The structure of these stories is
through dialogue and talks generally partners with anecdotes and jokes discover the social underworld and marginal strata of society. Passengers Cristobal Suarez de Figueroa.

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