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Present perfect.

11. What has she eaten today? 12. Why have you done your homework already? 13. How has she made this fantastic cake? 14. Why have I missed the plane? 15. They haven’t gone to bed. 16. It has rained a lot this week. 17. Have they used a credit card before? 18. Have we had enough to eat? 19. She hasn’t played basketball before. 20. I have worn a kimono.

1. I have been to the library today. 2. You have kept a pet for three years. 3. Have you eaten Thai food before? 4. Has it rained all day? 5. Who have we forgotten to invite? 6. We haven’t heard that song already. 7. He hasn’t forgotten his books 8. She has stolen all the chocolate! 9. Have I explained it well? 10. Who has he met recently? 11. How have we finished already? 12. He has studied Latin. 13. I have known him for three months. 14. Where have you studied Arabic? 15. What countries have they visited in Europe? 16. He has hurt his leg. 17. She has left her phone in a taxi. 18. We haven’t lost our tickets. 19. Has she called her mother? 20. Has he taken a taxi?

Present simple or present continuous.

1. You don't like chocolate. 2. She isn't studying at the moment. 3. We often go to the cinema. 4. He doesn't usually do his homework. 5. They don't eat rice every day. 6. We don't study every night. 7. Do you like spicy food? 8. Does she go to Scotland often? 9. Is he eating now? 10. We are going to the cinema this weekend. 11. They are studying now. 12. I clean the kitchen every day. 13. She works every Sunday. 14. We aren't sleeping now. 15. He doesn't go to the park very often. 16. It rains a lot here. 17. I’m going on holiday tomorrow. 18. How long is she staying in London? 19. I often read at night. 20. We don’t drink much wine.

1. Julie is reading in the garden. 2. What are we having for dinner tonight? 3. She has two daughters. 4. I'm staying in Spain for two weeks this summer. 5. He often comes over for dinner. 6. The class begins at nine every day. 7. What are you eating at the moment? 8. What is Susie doing tomorrow? 9. I don't work on Sundays. 10. She isn’t studying now, she's watching TV. 11. How often do you go to restaurants? 12. I'm not going on holiday this summer. 13. I'm sorry, I don't understand. 14. She is working as a waitress for a month. 15. She takes a salsa dancing class every Tuesday. 16. It's cold here in winter. 17. Take your umbrella, it's raining. 18. This cake tastes delicious. 19. The bag belongs to Jack. 20. When are you arriving tonight?


Answers: 1. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil. 2. A new road is being planned near my house. 3. This house was built (by my grandfather) in 1943. 4. Guernica was being painted (by Picasso) at that time. 5. The office has been cleaned. 6. Three books had been written before 1867. 7. You will be told (by John) later. 8. By this time tomorrow the deal will have been signed. 9. The work should be done. 10. Jimmy might have been delayed (by the traffic). 11. Mr Brown is loved (by everybody). 12. A new stadium is being built near the station. 13. The princess was eaten (by the wolf). 14. At six o’clock a story was being told. 15. All the milk has been drunk! 16. All the windows had been cleaned (by me) before the storm. 17. The computer will be repaired tomorrow. 18. By next year the passive will have been studied (by the students). 19. Dinner might be cooked (by James). 20. My wallet must have been taken.

Third conditional

1. If you hadnt been late, we wouldn't have missed the bus. 2. If she had studied, she would have passed the exam. 3. If we had arrived earlier, we would have seen John. 4. If they had gone to bed early, they wouldn't have woken up late. 5. If he had become a musician, he would have recorded a CD. 6. If she had gone to art school, she would have become a painter. 7. If I had been born in a different country, I would have learnt to speak a different language. 8. If she had gone to university, she would have studied French. 9. If we hadnt gone to the party, we wouldn't have met them. 10. If he had taken the job, he wouldn't have gone travelling. 11. He would have been happier if he had stayed at home. 12. She would have passed the exam if she had studied harder. 13. We wouldnt have got married if we hadn't gone to the same university. 14. They would have been late if they hadn't taken a taxi. 15. She wouldnt have met him if she hadn't come to London. 16. He would have taken a taxi if he had had enough money. 17. I would have called you if I hadn't forgotten my phone. 18. We would have come if we had been invited. 19. She wouldnt have done it if she had known you were ill. 20. He would have been on time if he had left earlier.

Second contitional

1. If I were you, I would get a new job. 2. If he were younger, he would travel more. 3. If we werent friends, I would be angry with you. 4. If I had enough money, I would buy a big house. 5. If she werent always so late, she would be promoted. 6. If we won the lottery, we would travel the world. 7. If you had a better job, we would be able to buy a new car 8. If I spoke perfect English, I would have a good job. 9. If we lived in Mexico, I would speak Spanish. 10. If she passed the exam, she would be able to enter university. 11. She would be happier if she had more friends. 12. We would buy a house if we decided to stay here. 13. They would have more money if they didn't buy so many clothes 14. We would come to dinner if we had time. 15. She would call him if she knew his number. 16. They would go to Spain on holiday if they liked hot weather. 17. She would pass the exam if she studied more. 18. I would marry someone famous if I were a movie star. 19. We would never be late again if we bought a new car. 20. You would lose weight if you ate less.

First conditional

1. If I go out tonight, I'll go to the cinema. 2. If you get back late, I'll be angry. 3. If we dont see each other tomorrow, we'll see each other next week. 4. If he comes, I'll be surprised. 5. If we wait here, we'll be late. 6. If we go on holiday this summer, well go to Spain. 7. If the weather doesnt improve, we won't have a picnic. 8. If I dont go to bed early, I'll be tired tomorrow. 9. If we eat all this cake, we'll feel sick. 10. If you dont want to go out, I'll cook dinner at home. 11. Ill come early if you want. 12. Theyll go to the party if they are invited. 13. Shell stay in London if she gets a job. 14. He wont get a better job if he doesn't pass that exam. 15. Ill buy a new dress if I have enough money. 16. Shell cook dinner if you go to the supermarket. 17. Theyll go on holiday if they have time. 18. Well be late if we don't hurry. 19. Shell take a taxi if it rains. 20. I wont go if you don't come with me.

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