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Lazarus: The name: Unamuno once again used the symbolism of the name. So Lazarus himself recognizes: "I made a new man, a true Lazarus, a resurrected. He gave me faith." Character. For a moment it seems antagonist: anti-clerical, liberal, an advocate of reason, a lover of urban culture, preoccupied with social problems. Then, an enemy becomes a disciple amado.En the bottom is a contract. Don Manuel has made Lazarus delivers exactly all religious practices. But Lazarus has started something precious: Don Manuel has had to deliver what most jealously guarded the secret of your life Everything seems to be reduced to a simple intercambio.Lázaro Manuel acknowledged that he has made a new man. The "manuelización." His personality, at first appears closely linked to the image of the New World was opposed to the Old World, which he identified with reactionary feudalism ... then appropriates the symbols q accompanies Don Manuel: the lake, the mountains. ManuelEl Don symbolism of the name, steeped in biblical references. The name carries a blessing or a maldición.Su meaning "God with us". Don Manuel is the creator of a new religion, not by its new form, but through it. The outward form: po co speaks of the appearance of the protagonist. Two physical features: the height of his body erect (as the Peña del Vulture) and the blue color of his eyes <>. And a very important psychological trait: the ability to read into the hearts. The first two features fall to cure within the environment of the village: the mountains and lake. The third was similar to the penetrating power of the Messiah. The character: The author of the story he has not seen a single defect. All are virtues. His vocation was initiated by a family charity movement. His family is a incógnita.Don M is a very active person always wants to be doing something. He helped the village to his parishioners in everything I could. It was the soul of the people. Close associate physician, teacher, was interested in everyone's life, both spiritually and materially. It is the character who clearly takes all iniciativas.Cuando appears Lazarus seems to be engaged in a struggle for dominance in the village. The outcome shows that in this battle there was neither winners nor losers. The lake and the mountains are paradigmatic traits that define even the same physical cure. Carballino Angela libro.Ángela alleged author, in Greek means messenger. It has been proposed as a destination to save the memory of the priest. He has lived in contact with a saint, knows she is the last witness to a unique experience, and you want your message does not disappear with his death. Character Angela: 2 typically feminine qualities: intuition and religiosity. It is likely that Angela + itself had not become known to the priest's secret. But what about the religiosity of Angela? His faith was not a quiet faith and faith plácida.La Angela is deeply moved when he learns of his brother's mouth that the life of pastor is a white lie. His brother has opened her eyes, and what before had precise outlines and clear, start wrapping a fuzzy haze. The ambiguous attitude is sufficiently outlined.

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