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When I travel to Japan I Almost always stay on Airbnb, it was my third time visiting the country. I Looked for most hostels, but as it was low season I had no problem. My last stop Was Tokyo. A friend had recommended me to stay near Meguro-ku.

So, I found a reasonably Priced apartment and I rented it. The owner had not answered to me in previous Days, and on the day of my arrival he was limited to sending me instructions to How to get there.

After circling the streets, I found the place.

 I knocked on the door, but no one came to open,

 even though I heard noises inside. 

In the instructions he had sent me,

 I saw that the door Was unsecured at all times,

 that it was a safe zone and that I could open

without a key. I came in And shouted 

to see if there was anyone, but I didn’t hear an answer

I kept Hearing a strange noise

Then I went to the room I was assigned 

to see an old And dirty bed.

 I didn’t care so much, because I was traveling 

on a low budget and Would only stay for

 a couple of days there. 

I sat in the room to eat something and See if the owner

 had answered. No answer. I heard the strange 

noise again and Noticed it was coming from the kitchen. No way, rats!

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