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3. 1- If Susan hadn´t been late, she would have understood the problem

2- I wouldn´t swim in this lake if I were you
3- If he hadn´t taken drugs, he wouldn´t have been put to prison 
4. 1- has to wear   2- should have told   3-you needn´t have brought me a present
6. 1-We played football although it was raining
2- They are happy despite being poor
3- He will eat cabbage in spite of hating it 
7. a)I´m looking after two children who are terribly spoilt
b)The car in which we were in had no brakes
c) This is the story of a man whose wife suddenly lost her memory
d) I was reading a book which was a detective story
Brillar: shine,shone,shone llençar: throw,threw,thrown fer mal: 3 hurt alimentar: feed,fed,fed amagar: hide,hid,hidden

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