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Fiction:comic/crime novel/fairy tale/fantasy/science fiction/graphic novel/historical fiction/horror/play/romance
Non- fiction: atlas/autobiography/biography/cookbook/dictionary/ encyclopedia /guide book/text book

Reporter Speech
I work - she said she worked                     Say- said
I'm working - SSS was working                 Tell- Told - tell somebody
I have worked - SSS had worked
I worked - SSS had worked                      Questions:
I had worked - SSS had worked               Do you like this news?
I will work - SSS would work                   - He asked me if I liked that
I can work - SSS could work                     Where is he?
I may work - SSS might work                  - He asked me where he was
I must/have to work - SSS had to work

thise/these- these/those // today - that day // tomorrow - the next day // here - there // yesterday - the day befor // a year ago - a year before

Phrasal verbs
read on- continuar llegint // turn over - girar pagina // read out - llegir // fill in - omple //look up - buscar // flicked through - mirar per sobre(fullejar) // cross out - ratllar

Unitat 10
Computers and computing: hard drive(disc dur)/ keyboard/ laptop/ mouse/ mouse pad/ printer/ screen/ speaker/ USB port/ webcam
The internet: blog/ bordband/ chat online / connection /download/ online/search engine/ surf the net/ website

Present simple - is/are 3r columna/-ed
Present continuous - is/are being 3r columna/-ed
Present perfect - have/hasn't been 3r columna/-ed
Past simple - was/were 3r columna/-ed

PS - Are computers made in USA?
PC - Is this game being played by..?
PP - Has a new consol been created?
Past S - Was that film made in 1986?

Collocations with email
bounce back/ check email/ delete an email/ email account/ email address/ forward an  email/ reply to an email/ send an email

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