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Hi bea !

How are you?
I'm good .This year when I went in the summer to Switzerland,I visited the famous dairy factory .I saw all the caws ,and it was very crawded and in  bat condicions ,then when i wallking in the factory i saw through a glass how the caws died all piled up , in this moment I ask me .Why the animals have to suffer becouse we want to eat meat ?
Somebody people say '' the animals are born to feed us '' but if we are guided for ''we have always done it like this '' now we would live in a rubbish society becouse the thigs change .
I realise we don´t have to kill any animals to feed us .
Now ,I ask you,would you like peple to kill you to fedd us ?
I hope it makes you reflect 
Now I feel better becoouse i Know I'm not making any animal suffer and i live as if i eat meat
By bea ! 
merry Christmas and kisses 

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