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People have experimented on animals for many years in order to find out how to cure disease. However, today manu people claim that animal testing is a cruel form of exploitation./On the one hand, medical experimenting on animals causes them pain and suffering. In addition, doctor cannot always apply the results to humans because of the physical differences between people and animals. Furthemore, many animal test are unnecessary because there are alternative methods, such as using computer models of the human body./On the other hand, anaimal experimentation has played an important role in many medical advances, including treatments for cáncer, open-heart surgery and organ transplants. Moreover, alternative methods are sometimes not as accurate as using animals./In conclusión, although I realice that animals testing causes suffering, Ibelive it is necessary in order to help human beings. Nevertheless, governments should make sure that laboratory animals are treated as humanely as posible and used only when completely necessary.

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