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Post modernist critique: anthropologist’s epistemology and Society is shown to be western provincialism (western ethnocentric approach of The rest). Ethnographies distort reality at best and have political Implications.

Critiques of postmodernism: when all anthropology is about That assumed that it was an objective scientific and truth but rather Anthropology is a product of power.

WHAT IS LEFT OF ANTHRPOLOGY?? If ALL writing is nothing more Interpretations of interpretations then ethnography is fiction. CONCLUSION: ANTHROPOLOGY= REPRESETNATIONAL GENRE

Cultural relativism is concerned we have reached a better Understanding and representation depict of the ‘other’ through Malinowski and Mead’s. A less ethnocentric and description of the savage. However that savage Although they were arguing he/she was like them as he/she experienced and Expressed the same basic human emotions and jealousy, anger, love, and fear and That he/she was a product of nature (culture), he/she was still presented as Timeless, changeless, as well as represented a western simplistic sterotype Reinforcing the power relationship between the constructing subject and object (orientalism). Notherless, with post modernism comes a better understanding and Representation depiction of the ‘other’. Thanks to its theories which challenge And put into question the AS of an Objective, scientific, rational and truthful anthropology. Orientalism, Postcolonialism, deconstructionalism highlight the real and hidden agenda of Anthropology claiming that anthropology was the hand maid of colonialism as Ethnographic information was used in the pacification; control and subjugation Of peoples in the colonies as well as to provide a justification for colonial System (the civilizing mission of Europe)

·Question Of ethics: what is left of anthropology since the truths have been revealed. Use Anthropology in a good way? Help the people or just watch.. Even If your morals are high doesn’t make your writing objective.. Ethical question” what do we do We do now? Anthropology not objective. Do you help? Do you leave the people as they Are? From detachment to engagement

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