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2.-Metric / This poem consists of thirty verses of major and minor art because they are eleven and seven syllables (hendecasyllables and heptasílabos) but apparently without following any rules. However, it is a combination of lines of 7 and 11 comfortable rhyming poet, this is a silva, classical verse model that supports even the possibility that one verse is loose, as in this rhyme poema.La is consonant least twenty-fourth verse, which is a single verse, no rhyme. / is chained least verses 13 and 14, 15 and 16 and 21 and 22, where it is produced abrazada.Se overlap between the lines 5 and 6, 16 and 17, 24 and 25, 28 and 29. / 4.-Item. / sensitive and poignant description of an old elm, which life emerges through the spring. 3.-Plot / Because his love for the land of Castile, the author finds in this a subject for poetry, and in the case of this poem, focuses on the description of an elm, a tree species that is abundant in the country, which lies on the banks of the River Douro, so manages to create the image of a landscape in the reader's mind, besides transmitting the sentence that gives the dying tree that is old and will be destroyed, and by climatic and by man, but also bringing a glimmer of hope because of the emergence of new leaves. / 5. Structure / This poem is divided into three parts: The first goes to the fourteenth verse, which provides an overview of the state of the tree, and their situation and environment, also citing the emergence of new leaves with the arrival of spring, and also compared with other species, poplar. / In the second part, which occupies most of the rest of the poem except the last three verses, the poet expresses his desire to leave a written record of the appearance of those wonderful leaves between so much death and decay, having said all that can happen to a tree in that state. / The last three verses form the third part, and that they are not speaking as the elm, but they express a desire for a hope. / 6. Analysis of how the Fund. / Antonio Machado, a serious man, shy and lonely, whose main concerns were meditating, walking, reading, attending gatherings and write, he composed this poem possibly during one of his walks by the Castilian landscape one of the main themes of his poetry. In this case, his writings are aimed at a tree, in particular to an elm tree (species abundant in Spain) who gets drawn with simplicity, details and reflections that resemble the reality of being human, because in the work to which includes this poem, the author reflects on the great themes of human existence, haunted by the passage of time and death, perhaps because of the death of his wife Eleanor. / So to comment on this poem can be found under the mere appearance of a poetic description of a tree in his beloved Castile, a second sense, being able to compare a human life, or rather, any life of a humans, with their first exuberance of youth, maturity and the subsequent deterioration over the whole poem años.Pero not only to turn took the idea of ​​aging of things or people, but precisely the poet focuses between the ruin of Elm, a small hope of rebirth of life in the form of new green leaves with the arrival of spring, just as when we die others take our place in humanity. /

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