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WHITE ARMY: they where armed counter revolutionary groups that joined to make the white army, they were supported by the United Kingdom, France and Japan

FEBRUARY REVOLUTION: it was the republic established by the Tsar Nicholas II in 1917. The liberal and bourgeois provisional government promise reforms, but some bad decisions led to their downfall 
Lenin: He was a Russian communist that created a communist party called USSR with asian republics
He adapted a new economic policy that combined communist and capitalist policies, thanks of that the Russian economy recover.
STALIN 1927-1953: He made a totalitarian political system.
The state violence was used to purgue society of his opponents
The economy was controlled by the state
OCTOBER REVOLUTION: was a revolution organized by radical Marxists and Bolseviks, his later was Lenin and they were supported by the soviets, peasants and workers
KERENSKY: Was a political leader during the Russian revolution, He played a very important role in the Russian regime.
BLOODY SUNDAY: The Russian workers against the monarchy and the unarmed protesters were killed by czars troops, this created the Bloody Sunday massacre of1905

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