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Dear Mr.IAM writing to apply for the vacancy of-which was published in the-,on-FORLONG I have been looking for suitable work and I am deeply interested in your offering.Please find enclosed a copy of my C.V.SINCE graduating from Leon University Ihave been working for-on a contract basis.Ihave become particularly interested in-work and now wish to develop my career in that direction.IWOULD wellcome the chance to work as part of a small dynamic team where I could make a significant contribution while developing my skills yet  further.Iam efficient in projetcs requiring a great deal of physical,mental energy and also creativity.Iwould be happy to show you a portfolio of my work.IAM able to attend an interview on any day from 12a.M.IHOPE you will consider my application and look forward to hearing from you soon. YOURS sincerely.Em.Enc C.V.

DEAR Sir/madam IAM writing to complain about the Hotel accomodation at the -Hotel,which I booked through your -Office on(date).IREGRET to inform you that the information given by your sales assistant-,was completely misleading.IWAS particularly convenced that the H should be in a quiet location and close to a beach,as we have children who cannot walk long distances.WHEN I informed -of this point,he told me-IWAS extremaly disappointed, therefore,to find that the H was-CONSEQUENTLY-IN FACT, we were eventually forced to find alternative accomodation elsewhere at considerable expense.GIVEN the circunstances,I think that it would be appropiate for you to refund the cost of the H acc in full. ILOOK forward..

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