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Despite the fact that the Archduke's assassination gave rise to the war to start, the truth is that there were many causes that caused the existence of tension between several countries, so the murder of this figure was more a way to start with the Great War. These pots Colonization were at that time, with the decision to invade Africa and Asia, and looking for the best way to take their natural resources and this led to clashes and tensions. One of the best known was Germany's idea of building a railway between Berlin and Baghdad to control the Middle East, which caused tensions with Russia. During that time, nationalism had its heyday, and the wishes of Germany and Russia to take the other European countries as part of them were one of those that led to these conflicts, as Germany sought to award itself to the Germanic peoples, while That Russia intended to do the same with the Slavic peoples. During the period known as the armed peace, the different countries took a big leap in terms of arms race, being the most promising in Germany and Great Britain, who wanted to test this great armament.Cuando la guerra inició, existían grandes alianzas que comprendían la triple Alianza (Alemania, el
imperio austrohúngaro y Prusia) y el triple entente (Francia, Rusia y Gran Bretaña).
Esto fue justamente lo que atrajo a ambos grupos a la guerra en su totalidad, ya que al estar unos
aliados con otros, se dieron los acontecimientos propicios para que, en nombre de dicha alianza se dieran
los enfrentamientos y declaraciones de guerra.

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