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Aquaculture refers to the breeding of aquatic species in underwater farms known as fish farms (found in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans). These activity has been developed in recent years reducing the pressure on certain species. Near the coast there are a range of fish farms which breed different fish species, mollusks and other crustaceans. There are mainly three types of fishing:
-Traditional fishing: this method has been used since ancient times and it is still used in developing countries, performed in rivers and in coastal areas. It is mainly used for self- consumption.
-Artisanal fishing: small-scale fishing using boats. It has a low fish production.
-Industrial fishing: takes place in large factory ships, in which fish are conserved using
Areas rich in fish are known as fishing areas. They tend to be located in areas near the coast.
-North Pacific: the northeast region of the Pacific Ocean is one of the main fishing areas of the
-South Pacific: The coasts of Peru and Chile are the other two main fishing areas in the world. -Indian Ocean: Main fishing area is found in the northern part of Africa
refrigeration. Fish captures are very high.Fishing is important, especially along the northern coastline. The Spanish fishing fleet is the largest within the European Union (EU). The fishing industry employs about 80,000 sailors and 400,000 labourers.
The main fishing areas are:
-North Atlantic: the best known areas are those found in Newfoundland and southern Greenland, the Saharan Canary Fishery, the European coast and certain areas in the Mediterranean.
-South Atlantic: best fishing areas are Namibia and Argentinian coast.
world, along with a region in china.

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