Arab-israeli conflict

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Noam Kuzar: 19 years, he is gagainst the army.As he refused army-comand orders He was sent to prission 28 days and he was then reassigned cleaning toilets. He Asks himself what right does he has of been there.

Israel is a country in which almost Everyone is required to perform in the military service. Resisters are known as traitors.

Ishai Menuchin: veteran of the Lebanon war. He is 42 years old. He handed out pamphlets Arguing ‘’is not our war!’’ He was beaten by right-wing Patriots and ended in hospital. To solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict politics should be used, not the army, he thinks. More And more Israelis are refusing to serve in the army. The problem he thinks are The wars of occupation. He was imprisoned for Refusing serving in Lebanon. Nowadays he still continues doing his reserve duty 30 days per year. He refuses to go to West Bank and Gaza-Strip. He has a left- Wing organisation that helps conscientious objectors. It is called ‘’There is a limit’’- Yesh Gvul

Robert Terris: He is 31 yerars old and Thinks he is not going to put himself in a tituation in which he must take Innocent lives, or guilty people that don’t diserve to have their heads blown Off. Violence leads more violence and the army response is not effective. He Thinks that not just because the government wants need to be made. You should Act in a critical way. Democracy is important. Terris comes from a religious And conservative family, from a right-wing background. The first shock he had Was when his captain beaten a boy.

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